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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get your service now and pay over 10 weeks with Genoapay

We now offer service payment by Genoapay. Now you can apply for your free genoapay account and get your service you want from us faster. Paying by genoapay allows you to book in your treatment, have it done and pay it off over 10 weeks to genoapay😍😍😍     To open up an account with genoapay visit their website and click on "get my free account"


What is Cosmetic Tattoo

We all know of Cleopatra and her amazing eyeliner. This is how long civilization has been performing cosmetic tattoo, also known as permanent makeup, semi permanent makup and micropigmentation. It is a beautifying tattoo procedure performed on the face to enhance or correct our facial features. Facial features being the Eye lids, Eye Brows, lips. Softer hues are formulated in cosmetic tattoo pigments then the inks used on body areas to give a more complimentary natural appeal. The cosmetic tattoo pigments we use are designed to fade, they are not like body inks used in Body tattooing. Our cosmetic tattoo procedures fade over time, in order to keep an area looking optimum future re-visits are required.

Does it hurt

We apply a numb cream to all clients areas to be treated before receiving the treatment. Each client is different, some experience a slight discomfort where others may be alittle more sensitive. Throughout the treatment we keep applying a numbing agent to stay ahead of discomfort.

How long does it last

Cosmetic tattoo longevity depends on the area of the face it is put on, skin type, lifestyle and pigment colour used. It is hard to pin point an extact time when one would want to come back to get a colour refresh.  You should understand going into this procedure that it does require re-visits to maintain results over time. Hairstroke brows because of the fineness of the hairs can usually last 1-2 years before a client would need to come back for a colour refresh. Eyeliner can normall last up to 2 years before a refresh may be needed. Lips because of the active blood flow in the area may last 1-2 years before a colour refresh may be needed. It has the tendency to fade which is normal but a clients homecare and how they look after their cosmetic tattoo will also determine the longevity. Some clients have come back sooner then the noted time frames, everyone holds pigment differently.

Exfoliation and sun exposure can shorten the longevity of a cosmetic tattoo. Sensitive facial skin and vascular skin types will not hold pigment as well as normal skin types therefore colour reboosts may be needed more frequently.

How will I know how to care for my skin after a treatment

Homecare is discussed before you leave our premises and you will be given a homecare advice sheet to take home with you which can be referred back to if needed.

What is the down time

Most people get straight back into the swing of things after they leave us. Work, groceries, kiddy pickups. We recommend if you have an event coming up to book your treatment 1-2 weeks before so the area has had time to heal and you look fabulous.

The procedure results

Each procedure is a 2 part treatment. Usually this is enough for great results but some clients have been known to hold pigment less therefore are required to return for another visit(s) until results are meet. The pigments used for the face are designed to fade so you should anticipate returning to keep up fresh results of your cosmetic tattoo. Timing for this is different for everyone as skin types, lifestyles even medications, pigment colour can play a role.


Do I have a say in the design I get for eyebrows, lip or eyeliner


Yes, this is the first step of a cosmetic tattoo procedure and the most important. No Cosmetic tattooing commences until the client is satisfied with their template which is drawn on them initially.


If I have extisting cosmetic tattoo done from elsewhere will you work on me?

Please send us a photo of your brows and if we believe we can successfully work on them we will:)


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    our facebook page instagram
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