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Ecuri Needle Cartirdge

Ecuri Needle cartridges consist of a patented hygiene cartridge with an intergrated needle. A technological system with an anti backflow membrane built within to stop blood, pigment and tissue fluid contaminating the handpiece.

With a simple slot and twist the cartridge is attached to the Ecuri handpiece ready for application. The German made needles are single use systems packaged in an expiry dated Gamma sterile pouch each with a Lot number for your reassurance. For optimum precision and client comfort with minimal healing use Ecuri Needle Cartridges.

Price per Needle Stated Prices excl gst

Overview needle cartridges

naaldmodule 1punts1- point liner

Suitable for fine hair strokes 
Lip Liner Border Precision. Eyeliner       


naaldmodule 1punts1- point micro
Suitable for super fine hairstrokes, Hairline bottom liner.
Caution: Very low skin resistance, do not puncture too deeply.


naaldmodule 3punts3- point liner
Suitable for Lip liner and border, between hairstrokes, eyeliner, lash enhancement, solid brows
3x 0,30 mm


naaldmodule 3punts outline3-point outline
Slightly sharper needle than 3-point liner, used to crisp up a lip procedure border, thin eyeliner, lash enhancement
3x 0,25 mm


naaldmodule 3punts micro3-point micro
Suitable for soft hair strokes, Lip border, eyeliner
Pencil eyeliner edge effect, creates a more crisp line then the 3-point liner.


naaldmodule 3punts slope3-point slope
Ideal for broad upper eyeliners, Hair strokes, Lip fill.


naaldmodule 3punt power3-point power*
Hair strokes, lip border, Eyebrows
Colorizing hard scar tissue


naaldmodule 4punts flat4-point flat
Four needles placed in a row
Suitable for hair strokes (not suitable for thin skins) Lip shading
Every single needle runs through the skin
Various shadow techniques


naaldmodule 5punts5-point shader


naaldmodule 5punts magnum5-point magnum
Special needle where the needle configuration is made up of a row
Consisting of three needles in one row and above two needles
Suitable for wider eyeliner, Smudge eyeliner (smokey eyes)
Lip fill (always keep needle very flat)


naaldmodule 5punts power5-point power*
Easy needle for broad eyeliners, lip border, shading.


naaldmodule 5 punts slope5-point slope
Colorizing lips, Hair strokes, wide eyeliners


naaldmodule 7punts round7-point round
For wide, unsharp, natural lipliner
Colorizing lips
Areola correction
Colorizing soft scar tissue


naaldmodule 7punts power7-point power*
Wide eyeliner, lip fill.



naaldmodule 9punts magnum9-point magnum
Four needles in a row above a row of five needles
Lip fill, Lip shading/powdering


German made permanent makeup needles  *Power cartridges consist of very sharp needles. Once the needles are soldered to each other, the needles are chiseled once more. In this way they glide through the skin and never block.


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