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Covet Brows
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Brown Black
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Creates very dark to almost black brows. Very stronge catching and distinctive.

Undertone: Cool. Temp 15.

Colour Power: 6

Too grey - Peach Corrector

Too Dark - Skin 2

Ecuri Brown Black Micropigment


Ecuri Eyebrow pigments are the most concentrated pigments available. Formulated with an ideal consistency they are instantly absorbed by the skin with minimal discharge. Ecuri pigments can be placed in traditional ink cups or into the ink reservior of the Ecuri needle cartridge system. Over time Ecuri pigments do not turn Grey or Red but fade into the skin harmoniously. This fading progression works with us as we age and as our skin changes. Due to this in time a pmu brow or pmu line can be changed easily enough to suit aging skin or droop.


    our facebook page instagram

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    our facebook page instagram
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