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Super Strokes Pigments/ Microblading
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Ecuri Super Strokes Pigments are specially formulated for Hairstroke Brows by Microblade to hold sharp, crisp and be longer wearing. Try Super Strokes pigment for the longevity your clients crave.

1. Super Strokes "XL Blond" Ash Blonde for subtle natural look. Cool, Temp 16.

2. Super Strokes "XL Brown" Top selling cool brown pigment, gives and heals with dark strokes into the skin.Temp 16 (Must Have) 

3. Superstrokes "XL Caramel" Warm Brown for thin sensitive/vascular skin types. Temp 25

4. Super Strokes "XL Mahogany" Warm brown shade, can be used post procedure if Hairstrokes are grey. Pop Mahogany strokes lightly inbetween grey strokes to correct..

5. Super Strokes"Sensations XL Brown" Beautiful Warm rich dark Brown. Temp 18

6. Super Strokes "Albast Brown" Deep dark brown for Dark Hairstrokes. Cool. Suitable for Fitz 3+ Temp 15.

7. Super Strokes "Almost Black" For Dark skin. Temp 16

New Colour. Nano 1 "Medium Blond, neutral



    our facebook page instagram

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